Address Book strangeness in 10.6.4

The Address Book launched fine, but in the left column where you would normally expect to see Directory Services and groups, it was blank.

The Plus button did nothing. You also couldn’t load individual records either.

And this was a system-wide issue- changing users didn’t work.

The console complained thusly:

DS is configured, but a DSSource could not be configured. Could not load local source

In addition the console reported a few quiet crashes in the background, but nothing really useful- the app wasn’t quitting unexpectedly.

Although an Apple-included piece of software, Repairing Permissions as usual did nothing.

Here’s the fix: ran the upgrade from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5. The combo update could have worked as well, so if you were already on 10.6.7 then re-apply the last update you applied, either the 10.6.6-> 10.6.7 or the Combo.

Hopefully it works for you too!


~ by connectionfailure on 22 May, 2011.

One Response to “Address Book strangeness in 10.6.4”

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