Playing with pcAnywhere on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Seeing how we have a licence for pcAnywhere, I thought I’d give it a try.

Symantec likes to use Java to claim they have Mac support, rather than developing native software. Thus, User Interfaces and other admin tools suffer as a result.

There is a KnowledgeBase article here. So firstly you will find on their forums that you need to run this:

udo chmod 774 /Applications/pcAnywhere

Or it won’t run at all.

Then, when you run the thinHost app, (Host ->Launch) you get

Could not locate thinhost file Cannot run program "/usr/local/lib/pcAnywhere/ThinHost" (in directory "/usr/local/lib/pcAnywhere"): error=13, Permission denied

Posts like this will get you nowhere, as they are for Leopard 10.5.

Will keep y’all posted…


~ by connectionfailure on 28 January, 2011.

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