Installing Fedora 14 on Mac using Parallels 5

I had trouble upgrading Fedora Core 10 to 14 without using a DVD. It just isn’t as easy as Ubuntu.
Lots of dependency issues that I couldn’t find the time to resolve.
I also killed the whole FC10. So.. time to download the .iso of version 14.

Anyway, I tried using the “Express Install” option in Parallels, and it wasn’t happy. It says the /iso is in use.
The “Typical” option seems to boot from the .iso just fine, and is letting me install it now.

Update: installs fine, but I can’t install Parallels Tools. There is an error. The log file (which is in the VM, thank you for forgetting to tell me Parallels)
The error seems to be about downloading the stuff that the Tools needs.

Lots of:


A websearch finds real Fedora users are experiencing this error too, but it appears to be rare. Maybe I could download the stuff it needs, but where to put it? Oh Linux, how you mock me so.
Perhaps Parallels 6 is more Fedora 14-aware?

~ by connectionfailure on 18 November, 2010.

2 Responses to “Installing Fedora 14 on Mac using Parallels 5”

  1. Update: I have tried following some steps found on the Paralles Forums where you download the demo of Parallels 6, extract the Parallels Tools .iso and install that into your Parallels 5 Fedora VM.
    I got it to install, but it doesn’t work. Parallels still claims the Tools are out of date and wants me to wait infinitely for them to update, which they never do.

  2. Currently using a version of Parallels 6.0.12094.676494, and it seems to be happier with Parallels Tools. At least I can make the window bigger and smaller.

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