iMovie Error -6662 Exporting to QuickTime

Useless iMovie Error Message

iMovie giving me trouble

I can’t find anyone else on the intarwebs that has posted about this error.

I am trying H.264 compression, 1920×1080, AAC audio…


I was able to successfully export by changing the export options.

After a few more, I now have a -108 error.


~ by connectionfailure on 20 October, 2010.

3 Responses to “iMovie Error -6662 Exporting to QuickTime”

  1. I am having this same problem with both codes, and H.264 compression, 1920Ă—1080.

    What export settings worked?

    I get -108 as well…



  2. I can export in Mobile and Medium sizes – obviously the result is unsatisfactory, giving a poor display on any sort of large screen. Anything bigger gives me a 108 error.
    I suppose that this is because iMovie is a 32bit application, and so when it tries to use more than about 4Gb of memory – it fails.
    I have an 8GB mac mini, but iMovie is not able to take advantage of all that memory. I notice that Activity Monitor shows all my other applications (Lion O/S) are 64bit.
    The only solution seems to be to wait for Apple to release a 64bit version of iMovie.
    Would anyone else like to comment?

  3. Not enough memory available, kill all your other apps. I had Skype, iPhoto, and a couple directory windows open and got these same errors. Closed everything except iMovie and it works fine.

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