Parallels Update 5.0.9370 Installer Fail

I just had Parallels download the latest update:
The installer ran, but then I noticed something weird. No Important Information.

Parallels 5 Installer Failure 1

The Installer Window contains no Important Information

So I continued.
Then I eventually saw this:
Parallels 5 Install Fail 2

Insert the null disc

Console sez:

IFJS: Error while running task /tmp/ParallelsDesktop-parallels-en_US-5.0.9370.589435.dmg.mnt/Install.mpkg/Contents/Resources/./pis_check launch path not accessible

a bit further down it sez:

Install failed: The Installer can’t locate the data it needs to install the software. Check your install media or Internet connection and try again, or contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

Now the installer app has hung. Time to force quit.
Oh well, better try a manual install.
In case anyone is counting, I’m on OS X 10.6.4.


~ by connectionfailure on 26 July, 2010.

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