Rowmote Pro Not My Favorite Anymore

Remote control apps for the iPhone are my current infatuation.
I was in search of the best one, but none of them seem to be the contender.
Rowmote Pro has smooth and accurate pointer control.
It has “shake-to-reveal-keyboard” which is nice.
It has a Front-Row-style/ Apple Remote Emulation mode.
The right-click ability is awful I’m afraid. You have to use two-finger tap. I had to resort to using the “^” key and clicking. But even then it would get confused and stick the key down, right-clicking when I no longer wanted it to.
However there is no way to control it in a way that a real keyboard does. iPhone has built-in capslock for the shift key, but this app does not have that for the other function keys.
But really, the right click does suck on this app. Once you two-finger tap, and you try to access a menu in the contextual menu, the contextual menu disappears. It’s highly frustrating.
We need to get these developers talking to Brian of xGestures fame, and possibly have sound input from the iPhone’s mic do something as well. Then you can click or snap or clap and get the iPhone to send a keystroke that could be intercepted by OS X to perform a function.
Wouldn’t you like to wave the iPhone and have it invoke Exposé? Snap your fingers and have it Hide Others?
You saw it here first.
Back to RemotePad for now I think. Also have to try the paid version of Nam’s Remote.


~ by connectionfailure on 4 December, 2009.

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