Trying to use OCS with Messenger 7.0.2

From yesterday I can’t authenticate to our SIP server. Yes we have the certificate installed. It is set to Always Trust.
Yes I have the IP address of the SIP server in System Preferences’ No Proxy List.
It was working once. Somehow I managed to score a Kerberos ticket from a server in the same domain as the SIP server.
Since yesterday I haven’t been receiving one.
I checked the console and in /Library/Ligs/SingleSignOnTools I can see
ReadConfigHeader could not find header in /Library/Preferences/
Not much about this line on the web.

Got my Mac working on 10.5.7 and another on Snow 10.6 also working. Two others on 10.5.7 cant get them to work.
One of them has this entry in the Console
SecKeychainItemCopyAccess error
[0x0-0x34034][420] 2009-10-22 16:10:56.163 kcproxy[534:10b] SecKeychainItemSetAccess status: -2147413720
More to come!


~ by connectionfailure on 22 October, 2009.

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