SMB error -43

Upon attempting to mount an SMB share, I am getting error -43. The Share is my USB Memory Stick formatted as FAT16 by Mac OS plugged into my Belkin router.

The Console says

smb_maperror: Unmapped DOS error

I have tried editing editing smb.conf to miniauth=none but apparently that’s the wrong file. That’s the one for Mac OS SMB file sharing. I have turned off Security completely but it still wont mount.
Is there any chance the Belkin or OS X really would prefer FAT32 formatting?

FTP works fine however. It’s just a pain because the Finder’s FTP is read-only. Fetch is also having problems authenticating. I just made a new user on the SMB share on the Router’s setup page. Fetch is happy to connect and it shows me an empty directory- where exactly are we again? I thought I had shared the whole volume.
So I can’t seem up to upload onto it. TIme to call tech support perhaps?


~ by connectionfailure on 14 October, 2009.

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