Printing Stopped With Error 255

The system was 10.4.11.
The Printer was the Epson Stylus 740.
The queues just stop, and no ink ever hits the paper.
Check the Console.


Then in the sidebar check


Why couldn’t I find this then?

I suppose I knew I could try reinstalling OSX, but reinstalling the Epson Drivers from the 10.4 disc or their website might be the way to go.

Here’s one about foomatic not working

What didn’t work was Reset Printing System. That clears all old jobs and removes all instances of your printers so that have to be readded. cupsd is stopped and restarted.

But I wanted to know more…

the console always tells me to set the LogLevel to Debug to find out more! I searched the web but found nothing, so I thought I’d write my own.

You need to modify a text file


. /Private is normally invisible, so you can either get there by

1. Making it visible in the Finder
2. Visiting it using the Go to Folder… command in the Finder
3. Visit it with the Terminal (in Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

I recommend opening it with TextWrangler from Barebones. With the Terminal you could use vi, pico or emacs (but that might be overkill).
Search for the word “LogLevel”. It will currently be set to “info”
Change “info” to “debug”.
Save and Close.
Cupsd will need to be stopped and started. Yes Reset Printing System does this but it also refreshes the newly modified cupsd.conf from a backup. So that’s no good.
Well I think Activity Monitor is the easiest way to kill a daemon. You will need to view All Processes.
You can’t just go and launch cupsd by itself. I tried it. There are some other processes that all need to get inited or whatever.
You need to go into


and type sudo PrintingServices start. This will restart the cupsd.
Your error_log in Console will now fill up with everything that cups is doing, so you might be able to catch the problem in the act.


~ by connectionfailure on 12 October, 2009.

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