Yoono making Firefox run slow

Not long ago Firefox had slowed to a crawl. I have a lot of Add-ons installed.
It appeared to be the previous version of Yoono doing this. I have just updated it.
But here’s the warning to you all. I was copying my Firefox user profile, and noticed it was enormous.
Turns out Yoono had written a 1.2GB Log File.
This was possibly the cause of the sluggish behaviour. There were also a couple of others, one 200MB and one over 400MB.
That’s not nice to eat up all the space like that, Yoono. Very naughty of you.


~ by connectionfailure on 24 November, 2008.

One Response to “Yoono making Firefox run slow”

  1. You should have contacted us support at yoono.com about this problem. Are you sure you did not chance the log preference in about:config? Apart from that, you seem to have many HDD issues that may be the cause of what you saw…

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