Syncing Calendars: iCal, 30boxes, Google Calendar

I have finally got around to installing the trial version of Calgoo, which purportedly synchronizes the calendars listed above.

Boy did it make a mess. Syncing is obviously hard because no company can seem to get it right.

On my 29th of July, I have received about 20 all day events from my past. Very bad! I have also entered a new appointment in iCal in the correct place and chosen Sync, and it doesn’t show up in 30boxes.

Plaxo seems to work much better. I will have to revisit iScrybe and perhaps 8apps again to see how they are progressing.

Also a warning; when I try to sync now, it tries to sync Calgoo, Plaxo, MobileMe and iCal. It’s a nightmare.


~ by connectionfailure on 30 September, 2008.

One Response to “Syncing Calendars: iCal, 30boxes, Google Calendar”

  1. Trial version?

    Maybe you’re using something outdated. I use Connect, its full and free, also has duplicate removal.

    they updated a whole mess of stuff a couple months ago.

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