Audio iPhone App comparison


2 minute limit



records then emails file- no choice of format?


bad reviews on iTMS

Plum Recorder


records audio to iphone and uses an app on the computer to take it off. Does not support emailing the recordings at the time of writing.

I bought this one and it records in high quality but I can’t get the recordings off. The app crashes really hard and reboots the iPhone.
I just sent this to the developer:
“I have an iPhone 3G with software 2.0.2 installed
I have recently purchased and upgraded to the latest version of Plum Record.
I run mac os X 10.4.11 and have installed Plum Record Server 1.0.
I have several recordings. When I try to transfer them to the Mac, it gets as far as creating the folder in /Music/ but no files are copied.
The iPhone becomes unresponsive for several seconds.
Then my iPhone crashes and reboots itself. I have tried with several different recordings.
I am getting annoyed by this and I am disappointed and angry that I can’t get my recordings off as promised.
Can you please release an update that prevents this crash.”

Audio Recorder

$3.99 supports email


$5.99 email coming soon


$2.49 no email





cant pause during recording?
see Pro version


Can record audio but there does not seem to be a way to share it or export it.

Edited 4 Dec 2008

There is now a YouNote host app.

Read a real review here :


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