Stuff May 2008



TCP traffic sniffer

ADintregration7-31-03.dmg ArtRage



BadiaBigPictureForID310.dmg  Badia BigPicture InDesign Plugin

an InDesign plugin* for links management. You get a small, non resizable thumbnail of your link, the size in pixels, the format and so on. You can rename and relink directly from this window without having to go back and forth between the Finder and InDesign.

*-it’s not really a plugin. It launches an applet type of thing that is not actually an InDesign panel.

calgoo_connect_1.7.1_mac.tar Calgoo Connect

Software for using the Calgoo service which purportedly integrates 30boxes with iCal and Entourage

colorschemerstudio155.dmg ColorSchemerStudio

New version of ColorSchemerStudio, a color palette creation tool.

copypaste+ytype275.dmg CopyPaste

The last version of CopyPaste to include yType, which is like predictive text on steroids. I have trouble configuring it to make more meaningful suggestions. Conflicts with Typinator to some extent. CopyPaste Pro 1.0

THis new version looks quite snazzy, but does not seem to include yType. Perhaps it will be added later or available separately, the site does not make it clear.

CTVDLite.dmg & CTVDPro.dmg CodeTek Virtual Desktop Lite & Pro

Utility for enabling Multiple Desktops if you still use Tiger. Leopard has Spaces built in, so this is not necessary.


Cyberduck-3.0.dmg FTP software

directoryservicemarch03.pdf   Entourage only. AppleScript to allow editing of the Subject line. Apparently assigning this to a hotkey is advisable. Keyboard Maestro perhaps? FileZilla Opensource FTP sofware

For Filemaker:

zippShell11.dmg Plugins to allow FileMaker scripts to run when you leave a field.
FMP Mac shortcuts.pdf


HandBrake-0.9.2-MacOSX.5_GUI_UB.dmg HandBrake Video conversion software




Zoom in to any portion of your screen by drawing a box around it. Yes the Universal Access Zoom function can do this to some extent, but it’s not so accurate and then you have to make the cursor disappear as well. iCab 4.1.1

Alternative web browser


Access your iPhoto, iTunes libraries using a handy panel rather than going back to the clunky Finder all the time.

Automator actions for manipulating InDesign docs with Automator. Demo version is limited to 5 files at a time.

install_flash_player_9_124_PPC.dmg Keyboard Maestro 3.0.1 Automation and keyboard remapping software. This takes over from QuicKeys.


Leopard only

Compression software
Modern graphics software






App to access a Mac-oriented Social Networking site.

OmniWeb-5.7-English.dmg OmniWeb Alternative web browser


RDC200_ALL_Beta3.dmg Remote Desktop Connection Utility to connect to a Windows computer and remotely control it.


Screen Capture



ServiceManager.0.8.0.sit SoundFlower is software that provides a bus to route audio. Send any audio output to the Virtual Soundflower device. Many outputs can send to it. Then, listen to the mix with other audio software; Audacity, SoundStudio, Cubase, etc.




Utility for capturing network traffic at a low level. For troubleshooting.

Watson registration


witch2.dmg Witch 2

Witch is a replacement app switcher. Except it lets you jump directly from one app to another but choosing which window you wish to bring to the front when you switch. Also includes other features like some keyboard remapping.

XTastes_1.0b8 (Tiger).zip XTastes

Software for downloading freeware and opensource software. Doesn’t appear to work from behind the ISA Proxy server. But then, nothing does anyway.


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