Vanished without a trace (except the Wayback Machine)

It is with regret that I have to post this. I have been trying to visit a couple of sites that do not seem to be responding. After searching in a Famous Search engine, as well as not so famous ones, I can’t find anyone noting or mourning their loss. They are:
SiteLink and Dexly.
SiteLink, if you are indeed gone, was like a combination of MacPicks and MacSurfer. It has been around for many years which is why it surprises me there is no comment about the loss. Farewell SiteLink, whereever you are. The great Trash Can in the Sky.
As for Dexly, it was a site much like KillerStartups and NeoBinaries in that it tracked new Web2.0 sites and provided a place to comment on them.
To paraphrase Mad Max’s ex-feral companion; They exist now, only in my memory.


~ by connectionfailure on 27 March, 2008.

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