Login as Network user

Now this is interesting for admins… Let’s say you set up your Macs to authenticate against Active Directory (AD), but you tell them not to bother deriving the Network home from the UNC path
Then you login. When asked , you do not create a Portable Home Directory (PHD) on that particular Mac.
What happens there is OS X gives you access to the computer/hard drive but you have no Home Folder.
The icon for the Mac HD is replaced with the Home icon.
You can’t save files to the local drive because you haven’t got any permissions.
Therefore if you do things this way then you would have to set up an automount, perhaps in NetInfo or using AppleScript or Automator. If the latter, I imagine you would need to put the script/action or an alias to them in the User Template, so when someone new logs in they can mount a share and have somewhere they can save files.

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~ by connectionfailure on 13 February, 2008.

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