Sites seen in recent times

By far the gizmos out there are getting better.

I was quite impressed by Uber's interface, if not for its function, which is merely an aggregator/media sharing site. I can post YouTube videos there- so what's wrong with using YouTube for that? Because I can't share or post pics and links there. For some strange reason the Uber people want you to have a US ZIP code in order to login.Oh, and two accounts may not use the same email address as that must be the username. Bad luck if you're in a band.

For link sharing, I was also impressed with Plum and DownFly. Plum lets me post links and media directly to Facebook via the confusingly-named Plum Shoebox that seems to use separate login credentials. This has gotten me mixed up on several occasions. Lose this guys- I want to discover your service via Facebook but then fall in like with it and login directly on your home page.

Downfly lets you import from my other new darling Plaxo, and also post links directly to Facebook users. These people that you post to get the page beneath your comment and they can comment on the link themselves. The whole thing is run from a Firefox add-on, as is Plum, but with a drop-down menu of all your friends and groups.

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~ by connectionfailure on 8 July, 2007.

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