Mashups, tagging, Firefox addons

I have just been trying out SecondBrain which is in beta and invitation only stage. We have a combination tool that includes data aggregation, such as uploaded files… reminds me of DevonThink Pro or Yojimbo. Then there's some folksonomy tagging like Yep and the mindmapping like Inspiration. You can import your accounts from flickr, picasa, google docs, youtube plus bookmarks from delicious and even bluedot. Very nice. There is also a service suggestion button.
Once you import all this stuff you may then be able to create "collections" that let you bring all this together and then create a mindmap of all these images, movies, documents and websites.
 However there were a few dead ends i.e. server error pages. The thing delivers ASP pages, so what do you expect. I wonder if it is because I use Firefox perhaps?
I have also just got an account with Desktopondemand who will give me 1GB of space to play with. I need to compare this with the webtop offered by 30boxes which offers meebo integration and even allows you to run bitty browser so you have a browser within a browser! Trippy.
 Also on my plate are the addons CoolIris – learn to browse all over again! and me.dium which is a collaborative browsing addon that somehow overlaps with Groovynotes but it includes chat functions.
I think addthis might become more useful, especially as they are the glue between you and various bookmark-sharing services.
Unless you are collaborating, it doesn't seem natural to start commenting on a layer with JumpKnowledge or Fleck or Diigo. It might make more sense to use or cocomments to keep comment threads all on the same page, rather than having the site email you whenever there is a new "me too" post.

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~ by connectionfailure on 31 May, 2007.

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