The Problem(s) with Widgets

…is that most of them just aren't very good. That is, not that they aren't well-made. I mean they are pretty, and they do the job they were intended to do. But they're not even one-trick ponies, they're more like one-trick gnats.
Do we really need a Widget for every RSS feed out there?
I understand. These are for people that are only interested in one thing, one news source, and they don't know what RSS is, and they don't care. Wouldn't it be better to teach them, and download a proper Feed Reader application?

The Second Problem of Widgets is that there are too many of them written as countdown timers for mundane events, like a TV show premiere. OK, once that date has passed– Apple, Yahoo, Opera, are you listening? — I want them out of the normal download lists and escorted to a retirement area.

Honestly, if I wanted a piece of history I think the Wayback Machine would be a better place to visit, wouldn't it?

The Third Problem of Widgets is that there are too many different kinds. Everyone's doing it their own way. Maybe I'm wrong- this could be the Future of Computing, where everything is a Widget.

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~ by connectionfailure on 28 May, 2007.

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