Firefox add-ons madness

I have become addicted to Firefox add-ons. Currently I am trying out Fleck and JumpKnowledge in the annotation area. Closely related is GroovyNotes for sending a page straight to another user.

In the bookmarking division we have Kaboodle and AddThis. Kaboodle lets me bookmark sites, then tag and share them but based on the default categories it seems to have been designed with wish lists in mind. AddThis, on the other hand, lets me send my bookmark directly to a number of bookmark sharing sites such as delicious and shadows.

There’s also SimpleDelicious which provides a menu of your bookmarks by tag. Only problem is when I select one it doesn’t load the page into the browser. I’m also trying uber-addon BlueOrganizer, now I understand some of the things it does.

Competing for attention in my contextual menu is HyperWords which lets me select any string of text and search for it on Yahoo, Google or various dictionary sites. Very nice as Firefox isn’t cocoa-based and thus doesn’t support Apple’s .

Now  what I really need is something like Foxmarks but for add-ons, so when I am on different computers I can synchronize the add-ons!


~ by connectionfailure on 20 May, 2007.

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