What I’m checking out

I'm testing out Meshly, a social bookmarking site of sorts. It's claim to fame is that you do the posting via Instant Messaging (IM) which is handy if you always have an IM client running all the time.
I wanted to get my posts to show up in netvibes, but I haven't found a module that likes Meshly's embedded HTML.
Meshly is working fine using Adium 1.0.2 and the site seems to work using Firefox 2.0 for Mac,

Also having a look at Egnyte for online collaboration. Currently comparing it with Approver and Grouptivity.
Those two sites seem to work fine in Firefox/BonEcho, but Egnyte I noticed has some style sheet/font size issues.

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~ by connectionfailure on 7 May, 2007.

6 Responses to “What I’m checking out”

  1. Heya, please let us know if you have any feedback or if there are any questions I can answer about Approver.com.I just took a glance at Egnyte's site since I hadn't heard of it yet and it looks mostly complimentary rather than competitive to Approver.com. It looks like they are about search and synchronization (both of which we don't do) while we're about the simplest possible alternative to sending a file as an email attachment.

  2. I looked at your screen shot. We are not able to replicate the problem. Can you please indicate what browser and version you are using. Also, please indicate is it on Mac or Windows?

  3. The browser is BonEcho, which is a Firefox 2.0 build specific to the PowerPC (Mac). The issue may be BonEcho's. I will check out how the other browsers handle it.

  4. A great feature would be if PDFs actually had their 1st-page previews displayed as thumbnails in the Approver page. That way you could see what you are about to download.Perhaps there is a way to get the client to generate the thumbnail so it doesn't tie up the server.Speaking of PDFs it would also be great to be able to export everyone's comments from Approver.com into an FDF file that could be imported back into the master/original PDF using Acrobat Pro.

  5. Thanks for trying out Meshly! Here's how you can add a Meshly channel to netvibes (we'll make this more obvious in the very near future).

  6. By the way, what's your meshly member name? I'll add you to my feed list and make sure to watch for your posts.

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