Maybe Wikipedia aint the place for me

There are a couple of problems. One is the amount of articles and talk pages you have to read before you can get started. I read a few of these, but certainly not all of them.

After I discovered a few articles that weren't to my liking — that is to say they were missing mention of early mac software articles — I made entries on the appropriate talk pages. Nothing happened. No one stopped by. Perhaps I ought to tag them with the "help" tag to see if any senior wikipedia editors drop by.
The other issue is these editors that can't handle an article with no references. Surely deleting them isn't the answer. I am quite happy using this information knowing that it isn't backed up with references, as long as I know that first. I will be sure not to quote it or use it in any scientific papers.
Deleting these articles surely dishonors those earnest folk who may have spent quite a while trying to make a contribution. I believe they should stand, but with the disclaimer about the lack of references right at the top of the article.

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~ by connectionfailure on 7 April, 2007.

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