Naughty .NET Microsoft lovers blacklist

I had a look around after seeing some links on Mashable. Here's what I can say to the non-Windows users: Avoid visiting the following sites, which are for .NET or Internet Explorer for Windows only:
Onfolio, NetSnippets and Krawler[x]. In addition, new sharing site Izimi has similar platformitis. As you can see, they don't even deserve me linking to them.

So unless you see a news item suggesting they have changed their tune, or you wish to run that other OS in emulation just to reap the benefits of these sites, don't bother.

There is some good news however, I have been trying out MyFabrik as a sharing/hosting site and it has been going well. The interface has some elements that are somewhat small and difficult to click on. The layout is trying to be modern but somehow comes off as a early-90s feel. I suggest some bigger buttons and a new color scheme.

In spite of this it does work in Firefox for Mac and they recently added flickr and photobucket integration. But I haven't tried them out.

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~ by connectionfailure on 6 March, 2007.

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