New mashup Jubii beta behving more like an alpha on Macs

Theres a new multi-function site on the scene: Jubii
They promise file-storage, email and chat (coming soon) As for the online storage, you are limited to shifting 500MB per month. After all, it is free.
However they seem to be only developing and testing on Windows computers. It seemed to work fine on Windows XP with Firefox 2, but on my Mac, I couldn't register because the stage 2 screen was empty.
I then tried Safari but that didnt work either.
Later I had success registering by having Opera pretend it was Internet Explorer.
With that out of the way I tried actually using the site with Firefox 2. Some functions are OK but there are a lot of errors- yes i know this is in beta- but hardly any of the the sites in beta that allow public registration have had this many problems.
When you have an error, not only does whatever you tried not work, but it logs you out completely.
I tried replying to the welcome email but I don't think they got it.

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~ by connectionfailure on 28 February, 2007.

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